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my philosophy teacher talked about that line - in my humble/honest opinion. and he explained the conditions to that line. therefore, because i am bored or i dont wanna do homework, i will take advantage of those conditions and post my comments about JE groups. particularly, about their singing. haha. just coz i want to :D (and coz i just listened, intently at that, to the individual voices of the kanjani8 members).

thus, before anything else.. a disclaimer: EVERYTHING I WRITE IN THIS POST IS ONLY MY HUMBLE AND HONEST OPINION. please dont kill me :D

i start with the 3 groups that i like the best: NEWS, Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN.

if i were to rank them in singing ability, here's how it would go:
2. Kanjani8

and here's why:
NEWS - Tegoshi has the best singing voice i have heard so far in all of Johnny's Entertainment (and no doubt, a lot will agree with me). Tegoshi just being there pulls NEWS up in my rankings by A LOT. however, this is not to say that the other members dont have good voices either. Ryo-chan can sing and actually stay on the notes, but to me, he's just ok. he's not THAT good for me because of how his voice naturally is; it's like when he sings, his throat hurts haha. Massu is a good singer, he just doesnt have the vibrato that i like, that's why he's not so high up in my list. Koyama is not so bad either, a bit on the whiny side but still ok. Shige has a deep voice that cant really reach the higher notes and he can go off tune sometimes, but he's better than some other singers out there. Yamapi, to my standards, is in the upper middle, he can stay on tune most of the time if he has a monitor (if he can hear himself sing) and he has a little bit of the vibrato that i like. THUS, NEWS in general can sing. even the old members can: Kusano has a godd range, Uchi is ok too.

Kanjani8 - a lot of them can sing: Subaru, Ryo-chan, Maru, Yassu and Tacchon. Subaru's range is awesome! Maru can stay on tune (surprisingly), Yassu can sing. Definitely. I'm a bit shocked that Tacchon has a nice voice too! haha. not so good range but i like his voice! (mamoritai is to die for). HOWEVER, i'm sorry but murakami and yokoyama cannot sing O_O it kinda hurts my ears when i hear their solos O_O but yoko's is more bearable than murakami's.

KAT-TUN - i dare not talk a lot about kattun because, despite my disclaimer, people will kill me if i go into detail. the only member i will mention is Akanishi. he can sing; he really can. well here's how i break down kattun: 2 can definitely sing, 3 can sort of sing, 1 so cannot sing (and my cousin Charlene knows who i am talking about haha).

and now i go to the newest group in JE: HSJump

in JUMP, i think only 1 can sing O_O and not so good at that. and that guy is takaki yuya. the others need a little bit more training, i think. but there is a lot of potential in JUMP. if Chinen and Yamada undergo voice training, their voices would be very very pretty. i kinda dont get why they insist that yabu be lead singer. honestly, yabu's singing can make me cringe at some points, especially when he cant hit the desired note (which is kinda often). in my language, alanganin. i havent heard the voices of a lot of them: inoo kei, okamoto keito, arioka daiki, morimoto ryutaro.

and then we go to the other groups. here, i shall give comments which are 10 words or less because i do have homework to do and katakana to memorize.

Arashi - in general, they can sing
Tackey and Tsubasa - meh. so-so.
Tokio - i didnt like what i heard so far.
V6 - like arashi, in general, they can sing
SMAP - so cannot sing at all. CANNOT SING AT ALL.

AND I REPEAT MY DISCLAIMER: this is all only my opinion, please dont kill me for it. it's a free world, free internet world, and i have my right dont i? in my country, at least :D
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on livejournal and other crap

hmm.. this journal needs a major revamp.. and i need icons.. lol..
if only i had lotsa time and no friggin summer classes (an a lot of patience i guess lol) id be relearning html and graphics design..

i want classes to end NOWISH.. i wanna go on vacation NOWISH.. oh well..

this is a nonsensical post, dont mind it..

oh and NEWS Pacific FLACS almost complete!! 3 tracks left and my whole NEWS collection (yes pathetic collection, i dont have older singles boo) will be exhausted! lol.. haha
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Another set of FLAC files - TegoMass Kiss~

hello there!! the internet is still being a bitch so this upload took a long time :T

but here's the next one! TegoMass's Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song~ [RE] also without the karaoke versions. i also ripped this from an unplayed CD so it's in the best quality i can manage!

(weeeek wouldnt upload so i got impatient and uploaded another one.)

Collapse )

enjoy! the next to be uploaded will either be daite senorita [RE] or weeeek [RE] :)

NEWS songs in FLAC - Hoshi wo Mezashite

hi! i just encoded some songs into FLAC format and i wanna share them :D i have the 2 NEWS albums, 2 NEWS singles, TegoMass single and Yamapi single. but my internet sucks so i can only upload one at a time.. so here's the first one. this is the Hoshi wo Mezashite single Regular Edition.

Collapse )

i posted on news_jpop too.. next to be uploaded: weeeek :D

rankings and other stuff

my rankings.. LOL

1 Yamashita Tomohisa
2 Ikuta Toma
3 Kato Shigeaki
3 Shibutani Subaru
5 Koyama Keiichiro
6 Yamada Ryosuke
7 Ohkura Tadayoshi
8 Yamashita Shoon
8 Aiba Masaki
10 Ninomiya Kazunari
11 Takaki Yuya
12 Matsumoto Jun
13 Nishikido Ryo
13 Kusano Hironori
15 Yasuda Shota
16 Nakajima Yuto
17 Tegoshi Yuya
18 Akanishi Jin
19 Masuda Takahisa
20 Nakamaru Yuichi
21 Uchi Hiroki
22 Tanaka Koki
23 Takizawa Hideaki
23 Sakurai Sho
25 Kamenashi Kazuya
26 Taguchi Junnosuke
26 Ueda Tatsuya
26 Chinen Yuuri
29 Yaotome Hikaru
30 Yokoyama Yu
31 Murakami Shingo
31 Morimoto Ryutaro
33 Imai Tsubasa
34 Maruyama Ryuhei
34 Yabu Kota
36 Ayukawa Taiyo
36 Hasegawa Jun
38 Domoto Koichi
39 Arioka Daiki
39 Inoo Kei
39 Okamoto Keito
39 Kazama Shunsuke
39 Ohno Satoshi
39 Inagaki Goro
45 Domoto Tsuyoshi
46 Morita Go
47 Nagase Tomoya
48 Kokubun Taichi
48 Miyake Ken
48 Okada Junichi
48 Inohara Yoshihiko
48 Nagano Hiroshi
48 Sakamoto Masayuki
48 Kimura Takuya
48 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
48 Katori Shingo
57 Matsuoka Masahiro
57 Yamaguchi Tatsuya
57 Joshima Shigeru
57 Nakai Masahiro

#47 downwards i'm not too sure who they are.. lol..

yamapi is still my ichiban :D then toma (TOMA!!) do notice that my top 5 are all from NEWS or Kanjani8 haha..
yes.. tegoshi's ranking has gone down.. haha i like his voice but i think it's just that.. haha.. maybe coz he's not funny? haha

anywhoo.. i put my new cds in a cd rom yesterday! FIRST TIME!! then i made FLACs out of them.. i'm in the process of uploading the singles coz i think those are the only ones my internet right now can handle (or my patience).. so! wait a little longer and i can post the links :D

why FLAC? coz apparently mp3s and CDs are lossy audio media.. the quality degrades after playing them several times.. :T
i'm still debating whether or not to convert my mp3s into flacs so i can keep their quality.. will have to research around.. :D

but i might get kanjani8 cds and singles soonish! :D haha.. yey more FLACs (and a decent copy of the FTO song lol)

so.. i have to study organic chemistry again!!
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on osaka, kanjani8 and other things

i have a new wishlist (the old ones were never written down lol):

long term wishes:
a mac -  zomg i want a mac! i cant stand the things that microsoft's been pulling anymore! the viruses the skyhigh prices.. gah!
kanjani8 cds - after listening to mugendai and watching the dokkiri in the 47 dvd, i really like kanjani8 now haha. although NEWS is still my ichiban, kanjani8 is going up on my preference list now! haha.. i want their FTO and Zukkoke Daidaso cds now!! maybe i should get my friend in singapore to buy them for me :O then get my cousin to buy the wahaha single! >.<
NEWS calendar - i want it but i dont think i need it and i think it's just gonna lie around the house.. so i'm not getting it.. i'll rely on scans :D haha and i have my fone and an organizer, i dont need any more calendars haha. but it's so pretty that i want one anyway. but my self-control can  still contain this urge lol
OSAKA - i wanna go to osaka! i've been to tokyo before but ive forgotten like 95% of it already coz i was like 5 then. but i wanna go to OSAKA so i can say "OSAKA WA SUKIYANEN" after i go haha :D i actually wanna travel to japan soonish. maybe after i get my foreign language class in japanese (if i get that instead of german of italian) and this time i dont wanna travel with my parents. maybe alone? maybe with my cousin? (ano cha, game? lol) haha just so i can watch some JE shows huh. lol. but yeah, if i can travel alone then it'd be my first time :D and japan has a rich history too. i wanna see the historical spots there too (yes i a history nerd type lol)
speak/understand japanese - i think it's kinda obvious why. haha my shokura eps arent subbed lol. if i knew basics i might understand lol. but as far as school goes, italian has to be my top priority, so i wont have a hard time with latin vitae in med school haha

short term wishes: i wont gove explanations anymore
1. I WANT THIS SEMESTER TO END NOWISH (2 more weeks! but i have like 2 papers and 4 exams >.< )
2. i wanna go home
3. i want a vacation
4. i want the hongkong trip to be tomorrow
5. subbed shokura eps and the prodai sp (i wonder who's subbing this)
6. fast internet speeds so i can download NEWS and kanjani8 concerts :D

yes.. haha i am stressed and i've given myself enough bumming time to write this down.
i actually have another wish but im not sure if it's a wish haha. i wonder if there's gonna be a dvd on the NEWS pacific concert tour or atleast the tokyo dome concert :O i hope there is one! haha.

stupid moment: i was wondering why i couldnt change my header or add blurbs to my sidebar. haha then i checked the account settings, my account is a basic one.. big DUH there lol. i decided to keep it this way coz i stil have to brush up in my photoshop skills and html encoding lol.
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another CD!!

my taiyo no namida LE cd just arrived!! but it's at home!! and i have to wait 18 days before i see it!! >.< oh well..

yey!! i now have a little bit of shounen club episodes!! haha one of the torrents just finished!! and i have the latest one too!! wah.. :D

ok now i have a paper to do.. :D fangirldom later!!

on uploading and other stuff

let's start with the other stuff first haha..

i just got my first set of cds from yesasia!! haha!! i got:

NEWS pacific LE
NEWS touch
NEWS weeeek
NEWS hoshi wo mezashite
TegoMass kiss~kaerimichi no love song
Yamashita Tomohisa daite senorita..

wah!! haha.. aylavit! haha i wanna make flacs out of them! haha..
one thing though: 5 out of 6 have broken cases haha!! only daite was saved from the breakage! lol
i'm still waiting on my taiyo no namida le cd!! wah!! excited! haha..
my cousin's about to go to japan, might ask him to buy wahaha and step and go! haha excited again! haha

on uploading: i wanna upload shounen club episodes. why? coz when i was looking for most of them, i had a hard time! O_O most are torrents (which die really quickly due to absence of seeds) and some are in communities or blogs where there are a whole bunch of other stuff too O_O so i was thinking of making a purely shounen club community or something. only thing is.. they are all raw and i dont see a lot of people looking for them shounen club episodes! O_O actually the raw thing is kind of a problem to me too: I DONT UNDERSTAND JAPANESE :( i was talking to my cousin and i was sayin that if only i was fluent in japanese i would most probably start subbing shounen club episodes. and maybe join other subbing groups. haha. sadly i dont know jap so :T

just some random post :D