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the side i hide

my fandom's little corner on the net

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Im Nikki. 19 and from the Philippines. Currently a college student studying pre-med :D

this journal is for my fandom basically. for my normal everyday life, i blog at my multiply nik2589.multiply.com

for now my current obssessions are JE, Super Junior and DBSK or Tohoshinki :D

from JE fave groups are NEWS, Arashi and KANJANI8 but i also like KATTUN :D

my fave JE idol would be YAMAPI! :D haha others i like would be Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Aiba, Ohno, Nino, Subaru, Yasuda, Tacchon, Yamada and Toma :D

among the Juniors i like ABC and KisMyFt2 and BAD! :D i especially like Tsukada Fujigaya Kiriyama Goseki Kitayama and Senga (in that order :D)

as for Super Junior, my favoritest member is CHOI SI WON. other that i like most are Lee Donghae, Kim Kibum and Han Kyung. I generally like the other members as well (coz they are all adorkable, i mean, adorable :D )

from DBSK, my favorite members are Xiah Junsu and Youngwoong Jaejoong :) (their voices are AMAZING)

i guess as far as my fandom goes that's it! :D haha

add me up on yahoo messenger! nik2589

*have fun*